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Register your blog with a custom domain in GoDaddy - 2016

Blogger is one of the best free web hosting services which is being provided by Google, the No.1 search engine. It has so many advantages and features when we compared to other free web hosting services. 
If you cannot afford to pay for hosting, Blogger will be the best choice. 
When you get to start with blogger, you will be able to create unlimited blogs with the subdomain which is like 'fahimlinks.blogspot.com'. But a custom domain looks like 'www.fahimlinks.com'.

You will get so many advantages by registering your free domain to a custom domain. But setting up a custom domain on your blog is a little bit tricky. Here I will explain all the steps one by one. So it can be understood by everyone. 

Step 1:
First, you have to check the availability of your custom domain. Visit GoDaddy.com and sign up your account. And then check the availability of your domain name.

You can purchase the domain name in Godaddy by using your registered account. It worths most. A registered domain name sound better than a Blogspot domain.

Step 2:
In this step, you are going to add the registered domain in your blog. First, go to the blogger and select your blog which needs to register with this domain. Select Settings > Basic. Now you will see an option like 'Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog' . 
Step 3:
Now enter your registered domain and click save. You will get an error message like this. Note down them carefully. These are the CNAME's for your domain.

Step 4:
You need to be careful in this step. Login to your GoDaddy account and select your purchased domain. Click Manage DNS. 

click on  'DNS Zone File' to add and edit your DNS records. You can delete the existing DNS records which you don't need anymore. Select 'Add Record'.

Now select the record type as 'CNAME' and you have to paste the CNAME records which you copied from your blog in step 3. Paste your content like below example. 
Click 'Add Another' and paste the second CNAME record of your blog which will be different from my one.

Now you have successfully added the CNAME records. You have finished one of the technical parts of this process. Now you have to add the 'A' records. The process is going to be the same above.

Step 5:
You need to add four different 'A' records which point to four different Google IP Addresses.

  1. Click Add record and then select 'A' record as the Record Type. 
  2. Type '@' in the Host field.
  3. Paste the above Google IP address one by one.(All 'A' records will be having '@' as the Hostname)
Now you have almost finished the process. Now your visitors can be able to reach your website by just typing your domain address which is same like 'www.yourname.com' and all of your old users who enter 'yourname.blogspot.com' also will be redirected to your new address. So you don't need to worry about missing any of your users. 

Step 6:
Most of the websites use a naked domain which doesn't have 'www' in their web address. This type of web addresses is eye-catching and easy to remember. You can also make your users redirect to your website by just typing 'yourdomain.com'. And automatically they will be redirected to 'www.yourdomain.com'.  To do this, go to your blogger Settings > Basic and click edit in your new domain. You need to tick the box to redirect non-www URLs to your website.

Wait for 2-4 hours to the changes to take effect.
If you have any problem in the above steps, don't forget to leave a comment below. So I will be able to help you regarding that issue.

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